Our vision is to be disciples and make disciples by building authentic relationships through the lifestyle of Christ.

Our vision starts with being disciples because knowing and loving Christ is our first ministry. If we are not constantly being renewed and transformed within ourselves by God's Spirit, then we can accomplish nothing.

We are called to make disciples because that's what Jesus told us to do and because the most loving thing we could do for anyone is to invite them to our beautiful Jesus.

We do this by building relationships in which we can be real with others – honest about our own struggles and joys. And we do this in order to press forward into Christlikeness. Growing in the character of Jesus is our goal for ourselves and our invitation to all who hunger and thirst for something more in this life.


When new members formally join our church, they are asked two questions about belief:

-Do you confess Jesus Christ as your Savior and promise to follow him as Lord?
-Do you accept the Holy Scriptures, the Old and New Testaments, as the word of God and the only perfect rule for faith, doctrine, and conduct?

That’s all. That is enough.

But on another level, of course, the answer is a good deal more complex. While the Covenant Church does not require adherence to any written creed, we take our theology very seriously, and our history as well. We are a Reformation church, a part of the Church universal, and an evangelical church. In that heritage, we share certain central beliefs, which draw us together in faith and fellowship and make possible a freedom among us on more widely ranging issues.  Our essential beliefs are summed up in what we call Covenant Affirmations.


We affirm the centrality of the word of God.
We affirm the necessity of the new birth.
We affirm a commitment to the whole mission of the church.
We affirm the church as a fellowship of believers.
We affirm a conscious dependence on the Holy Spirit.
We affirm the reality of freedom in Christ.

If you have more specific questions, we encourage you to contact us.